Parenting Together

Tuesday, June 11 from 5:30 pm to 7:45 pm

Parenting Together, presented by Carolina Pediatric Therapy, a night of free classes for parents to learn about common parenting challenges and take away practical skills to utilize on a daily basis. Our speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nutritionist, and behavioral health therapists will cover a wide range of topics. They will share beneficial information about symptoms, coping skills, and parenting tips. Parents will have the opportunity to learn evidence-based solutions and identify signs and the benefits from therapy services. This event can benefit parents with children of all ages.

Parenting Together will address a variety of different topics, and will be held at Carolina Pediatric Therapy’s South Asheville location. RSVP today by filling in the form below or calling (828) 538-4180.

*Registration is now closed. – More classes coming this Fall.


Infant/Child Feeding & Oral Motor Milestones

by Catherine Rhodarmer, MS, CCC-SLP

Class Time: 1 Hour

Do you have concerns about what your child should be eating or drinking? When should you start feeding purees or solids? How much and how often do you feed your child? What bottles, cups, spoons, and bowls are the best for oral motor development? What are oral motor tools and what are they used for? If you have these questions or any other ones in the realm of infant and child feeding please come to this class!

Sensory Processing

by Kylie Jeffrey, OTR/L

Class Time: 1 Hour

Sensory experiences include touch, movement, body awareness, sight, sound, and the pull of gravity. The process of the brain organizing and interpreting this information is called sensory integration. Sensory integration provides a crucial foundation for later, more complex learning and behavior.

For most children, sensory integration develops in the course of ordinary childhood activities. Motor planning ability is a natural outcome of the process, as the ability to adapt to incoming sensations. But for some children, sensory integration does not develop as efficiently as it should. When the process is disordered, a number of problems with learning, development, or behavior may become evident.

Social Skills and Executive Functioning

by Catherine Tintle, M. Ed., CCC-SLP

Class Time: 1 Hour

We are all social communicators and thinkers. Many children learn social expectations naturally through their environment and interactions with others. As they develop and grow, many children learn how to problem solve and think through situations with ease. However, some children require more explicit instruction and guidance to help them adapt to different social situations, interact appropriately and use critical thinking skills. This talk includes a basic overview of the social skills and executive functions that are needed in order for children to be successful in their academic and home environments.

Picky Eating

by Courtney Webb Carriveau, MS, OTR/L &
Andra Sylvanus, MS, RD, LDN

Class Time: 1 Hour

Parents dream that their children will grow up to have positive attitudes about food and eating, children who eat nutritious foods for enjoyment. The reality is that many children eat a limited variety of food and this causes parents to stress about their nutrition. If you find yourself worried about your child’s picky eating, or you’re getting into mealtime battles about eating one more bite of vegetable, this presentation is for you.

Our Picky Eating, Parent Education presentation will outline ways to prevent picky eating and avoid mealtime battles. Presented by our Dietitian/Nutritionist and an Occupational Therapist, you will come away from this night with the tools for presenting unfamiliar foods, investigating texture aversion and designing structured meal and snack times. You will have the chance to watch videos of real families feeding their children and there will be plenty of time to ask questions.


by Amber Gulley, MS, LPCA, LCAS-A

Class Time: 30 Minutes

In this parent education session, learn more about the current stressor reportedly experienced by 1 in 4 school aged children. Learn about different types of bullying, clues to look for when suspecting bullying, ways to partner with schools, and tools to empower your child to overcome bullying.

504 vs IEP

by Kelly Jean Tucker, LPCA

Class Time: 30 Minutes

When it comes to schools, there can be so many acronyms to figure out! During this parent education session, select team members with experience working in schools will help demystify some of the supports available and discuss ways to partner with your child’s school to address and support your child’s needs. We will discuss the difference between two potential ways your child can receive support from the school: the individualized education plan (IEP) and the 504 plan.

Dealing with School Stress

by Adrienne Stover, MS, LPCA

Class Time: 30 Minutes

Whether it’s managing new classroom expectations, stress around tests and quizzes, or how to navigate social situations- school can create stress for kids! In this session, our team will share information about school stress, including signs that your child might be experiencing stress and ways to talk about stress. In addition, parenting tips on how to promote appropriate evidence-based coping strategies to ensure success at school will be presented!

Summer Camp Strategies for children with ADHD and ASD

by Philip Pearce, COTA/L

Class Time: 30 Minutes

Keeping kids active and engaged when school is out can be the biggest challenge parents face in the Summer months. That challenge can be magnified when our children have needs stemming from behaviors related to diagnoses like ADHD and ASD that make signing up for activities like day camps and overnight camps even more anxiety producing for parents and kids alike.

In this session we highlight some of the typical challenges kids and parents will face when attending summer camps, both day camps and overnight camps, with a special focus on strategies that will teach parents how best to advocate for their children with ADHD and/or ASD diagnoses. These strategies will include effective ways to communicate with camp staff before and during camps, front loading expectations with your children before dropping them off, how to process the events of the camp session to get the most helpful information from your kids and the staff, and how to develop functional coping skills that can transfer to the camp setting easily, among other topics.

Gross motor activities for 3-5 year olds

by Linnea Hardin, PT, DPT

Class Time: 30 Minutes

Curious about some fun, play-based activities that you can be doing to maximize your child’s motor skill development? Ages 3-5 are such formative years for children, as they develop increasing curiosity about world around them and a desire to explore their capabilities, while learning to interact and play with peers. We will talk about skills your child should be working on, red flags to look for, and activities you can easily implement at home to help them keep up with peers!

Infant Gross Motor Development

by Jenn Basch, PT, DPT, PCS

Class Time: 30 Minutes

Not sure when to expect your child to be crawling or why your pediatrician stresses the importance of tummy time? Learn from one of our physical therapists why floor time activities are so crucial not only for your infant’s motor skills but overall development. This session will cover practical ways that you can foster your infant’s gross motor development through play activities. Warning signs of delayed gross motor development will also be reviewed to help you know when you should seek a physical therapy assessment.

Sport Related Injury

by Leilani Maybin, PT, DPT

Class Time: 30 Minutes

Are you a parent of a student athlete that is struggling with pain? Would you like to know more about when and how to seek treatment? This session will provide you with that insight and offer helpful tips for preventing injury in student athletes.

Event Location:

Carolina Pediatric Therapy is located off Hendersonville Road in South Asheville.

Carolina Pediatric Therapy
9 W Summit Avenue
Asheville, NC 28803