Camp Crayon

Handwriting Summer Day Camp combines handwriting therapy with fun summer camp activities to allow your child to build skills while enjoying an exciting camp experience.

A creative and fun way to learn and develop handwriting skills. Camp Crayon is a handwriting camp that utilizes the “Handwriting Without Tears” curriculum. The curriculum utilizes a hands-on, multi-sensory approach to writing. Camp Crayon will offer three unique camps for children entering Kindergarten through the 5th grade in the fall. Each camp will focus on different skill areas that match the child’s cognitive and developmental readiness for handwriting and therefore will be placed according to skill level rather than by grade level.

Each day is packed with fun filled activities based on the theme of the day; super hero, sports, beach, zoo and cooking.

Squiggly Scribblers

July 11th  to  July 15th, 2016

Camp Fee: $200

Registration is closed.

Squiggly Scribblers is designed for children who have had experience with numbers and letters in a preschool environment, children who will be entering Kindergarten in the fall and/or struggled with writing in Kindergarten and would benefit from a review of Kindergarten skills. This camp will utilize the Letters and Numbers for Me workbook and will focus on teaching numbers, capitals and lower case letters.

Wiggly Writers

July 18th to July 22nd, 2016

Camp Fee: $200

Registration is closed.

Wiggly Writers is designed for children who are entering 1st or 2nd grade. This camp will utilize My Printing Book workbook and will focus on review of upper case letters, correct use of lowercase letters in words and sentences, spacing and letter alignment on different styles of lines.

Loop de Loopers

July 25th to July 29th, 2016

Camp Fee: $200

Registration is closed.

Loop de Loopers is beneficial for children who are beginning to learn cursive or would benefit from a remedial program. Camp will utilize the Cursive Handwriting workbook and will be adapted depending on children’s cursive experience. Lessons will focus on learning upper case and lower case letters as well as connecting them to form words and sentences.

Hands-On Handwriting Skills

Multi-sensory approach to writing, drawing, coloring, holding writing utensils, printing and cursive.

Camp Benefits

Camp Benefits Having fun while improving fine motor skills in relation to:

  • Printing, Cursive, Drawing & Coloring
  • Pencil Grasp
  • Improving social skills
  • Increasing confidence
  • Preparing your child for the next level in handwriting

Daily Schedule Includes

  • Fine motor labs to develop strong fine motor skills through activities  such as coloring, scissor laps, or tongs
  • Pencil grasp development with suggestions of activities or grips when necessary
  • Movement and music activities
  • Workbook practice
  • Small Groups and 1:1 instruction time
  • Integration of technology through iPads and computers when appropriate
  • Distribution / discussion of home activities