Compass is a new Teen Life Skills Coaching group for teens ages 13 to 18 years old.

Does your teen struggle with peer conflict, self esteem, being present, stress, sadness or anger?

Carolina Pediatric Therapy will be hosting Compass, a life skills group for teens ages 13-18. Your teen will have the opportunity to learn practical skills and connect with other teens struggling with similar difficulties. They will have the opportunity to be part of an encouraging & empowering group with the chance to practice new skills in a safe, supportive environment.

Some areas of concern that will be addressed include, interpersonal conflict, low self esteem, and difficult emotions. Our Behavioral Health Therapists will introduce evidence based skills that are practical and applicable. They will be using concepts from the well researched Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) model. DBT works to address four different types of skills; mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance. Compass will provide your teen with social support and skills coaching.

Research shows that groups are highly effective and provide support that is different than individual or family therapy. If your teen has struggled to progress in individual therapy or has difficulty implementing healthy coping skills, Compass could be a great next step! If your teen has never been involved in therapy, Compass could be a great opportunity to wet their feet and get them connect with new supports.

In order to determine if your teen is a good fit for Compass, our Behavioral Health Therapists are offering a thirty minute phone consultation. They will provide you with additional information about what to expect and how your teen can benefit from Compass. You and your teen will be provided with DBT material & weekly parent emails to help you learn how to aid your teen with skill implementation.

The package:

1 initial Phone Consult
6 weekly groups (parent involved in first and last sessions)
6 weekly parent support emails
Access to DBT materials

Availability for Compass is limited to eight seats.

What Teens are saying about Compass.

“Openness is amazing!”

“Talking and openness with everyone!”

“Talking about similar experiences.”

“Learning what to say to people.”

“When I learned how to be assertive.”

“I wish I could be here forever.”

“When everyone is sharing and then other people were helping with them.”

What Parents are saying about Compass.

“Has very positive comments about group and it’s members. she is comfortable and engaged with the group. looks forward to next session with enthusiasm.”

“I am happy my daughter is able to express herself in a nonjudgmental environment and am pleased with everything so far!”

“I love the binder (he) was provided. I feel that organization is so important and by allowing him to bring home the binder in between group sessions allows me to clearly understand the content of material that is being covered (and) creates opportunities for he and I to discuss how valuable being mindful is.”

“I was really at a loss as to which direction (his) therapy path should go, clearly (he) needs to be in therapy and I do believe this, for the first time ever, is the right fit for him.”

“Since the first group I see (him) beginning to feel a part of. He feels accepted by his peers in group and he is actually excited and enthusiastic about life.”