Everyone is Welcome. Discrimination is not. 

You Belong Here.

We love all children and families. We serve all children and families. You Belong. You are not alone.  

Our team works together in unity, for one purpose and mission, to serve children and families, improving their quality of life and potential for success, so that we can do our part in building healthy, resilient communities. There is no other agenda that we place above this purpose and mission. We will not get wrapped up in the high conflict of us and them mentality that our society often encourages and attempts to drag us into. Our goal is to provide high quality, socially responsible, fair, equitable services, meeting each child and family where they are in their place of need. Our role in society as an organization is to serve all children and families with excellence in care. We will not divert our attention toward any other purpose, distraction or agenda.  

At Carolina Pediatric Therapy, we strive to create a welcoming, safe, inclusive, accessible community and to connect with every child and family we serve. We value and practice empathy and engage in meaningful relationships rooted in our core values that include compassion, dignity, respect, and empowerment. Like all humans, children experience challenges. Children are not broken, so we do not attempt to “fix” them. Instead, we attempt to understand them, to see and hear them through the lens of empathy, kindness, acceptance, and love. You are welcome here, and you are not alone. 

We appreciate the beauty and uniqueness that each child and family brings.  As partners with children and families, we acknowledge that, first, we share a common humanity, and, also that our lived experiences are different, complex, and have a spectrum of variety. We appreciate, value, and respect those differences. We work in unity, respecting the diversity that so beautifully brings us together and adds to the value we can bring to each other and our community. 

All families are welcome at Carolina Pediatric Therapy. Regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political views, religion, social or economic position, size, ability, age, and the vast diversity of thoughts, beliefs, values, identities, and world views that are represented in the children & families we serve, as well as, our teammates, you are welcome here. 

Thriving begins with belonging. You belong here. You are not alone. We will choose to love first and always. We love serving children and families whole-heartedly, as we partner with them on their unique journey. It is our mission and purpose that unifies us all!

Welcome to the Carolina Peds community!