SpeechEasy® Fluency Device

A fluency device proven to decrease stuttering, reduces the stress associated with social situations.

People who stutter understand the negative effects of speech impairment. It becomes a challenge to fully enjoy life when you lack the confidence to say what you want to say, whenever you want to say it. At Carolina Pediatric Therapy in Asheville, NC we want to help, and so after carefully reviewing the SpeechEasy stuttering product, we feel confident in offering it to you. SpeechEasy, a fluency device proven to decrease stuttering, reduces the negative associations with social situations that people who stutter may develop. Stuttering disrupts the ease with which an individual communicates, and the lack of fluency that a stutter creates extends beyond the immediate realms of speech. Individuals who stutter often feel anxiety about any situation that involves talking. This can dramatically affect one’s attitude towards oneself and towards life.

Controlling Communication

people who stutter can become comfortable in their own skin.

SpeechEasy allows users an increased control over communication. As a certified provider of SpeechEasy, Carolina Pediatric Therapy supplies this new-found control, which boosts self esteem and improves social and professional relationships because of the greater confidence experienced during communicative situations. SpeechEasy is a valuable technology because it allows for the possibility of an increased quality of life for those who suffer from the anxieties of a stutter. To understand how SpeechEasy stuttering devices work, an understanding of the “choral effect” is needed. Researchers discovered that when individuals who stutter speak simultaneously with a group of people, their stutters tended to lesson significantly, sometimes to the point of nonexistence. Basically, people who stutter experience more fluent speech when they speak in unison with others. The success of the SpeechEasy product finds its basis in this phenomenon. Individuals wear SpeechEasy in the ear, much like a hearing aid. The small size of the device makes it virtually undetectable and much more comfortable than stuttering devices of the past. SpeechEasy reduces stuttering by creating the choral effect for its users. The device digitally reproduces and plays back its wearers’ speech into his or her ear at a slight delay. The individual therefore perceives a secondary voice, and just as the choral effect proves, users experience decreased stuttering. Hearing the replay of the SpeechEasy users’ words helps them to reduce their stutter. Statistics and testimonies reveal that SpeechEasy works. The majority of people who have tried SpeechEasy noticed significant improvement in their fluency. This improvement increases as users grow more comfortable with the fluency device. The product created improved fluency in 75% of people who stutter, some of them right here in Asheville. This statistic is based in the successful results of thousands of people of all ages who were prescreened and fitted for SpeechEasy. Furthermore, 80% of SpeechEasy users claimed that they were fully satisfied with the results of the product. People who stutter can now gain control over their speech and improve communication. They no longer need to bite their tongue for fear getting caught on a word. Schedule an appointment today for a SpeechEasy fluency device: 828.670.8056