Meet Mochi! Our therapy dog in training.

Meet Mochi! Our therapy dog in training.

Carolina Pediatric Therapy is excited to announce the newest addition to their team, who happens to have four legs and beautiful golden fur: meet Mochi, a female Golden Retriever.

Mochi is seven months old and has been in training to be a certified therapy dog since she was just six weeks old. She spends most of her time at our Asheville Clinic on Hendersonville Hwy in South Asheville and is a loving companion to all the children here.

Animals can help children better achieve goals in therapy! Most of us are familiar with the use of animals visiting the elderly or patients in care settings for stress relief and positive socialization. Studies now show the presence of trained animals in therapy sessions creates better outcomes.

Animal Assisted Therapy (or Pet Therapy) is most commonly done using a dog or cat, but can also include birds, rabbits, horses and dolphins. Children participate more in therapy, interact more with others, have an improved mood, and do things that are a struggle for them.

Mochi is delighting and encouraging to children and parents are seeing the added benefits. If you know of a child that has some challenges to work through, Mochi invites you to come over and enjoy therapy that is not only effective, but full of warmth, love and the occasional dog kiss.

Meet Mochi! Our therapy dog in training.
- Jenny Schermerhorn

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