Stuttering - Speech Disfluency

Stuttering - Speech Disfluency

One in twenty children stutters. This common speech problem can cause kids to lose confidence in their ability to express themselves, leading to social isolation and problems in school. Every child deserves to have his voice heard, and Carolina Pediatric Therapy can help make that happen. With early intervention, three quarters of children who stutter can leave it behind by the end of elementary school. Older kids and teens can benefit from speech therapy as well, learning strategies to help them moderate their rate of speech, control stuttering, and become strong, confident speakers. If your child stutters, no matter what his age, Carolina Pediatric Therapy can help. We’ll create a comprehensive stuttering therapy plan for you child, helping him learn to be more relaxed when he speaks, and from there, working to build skills and confidence. We want your child to feel good about how he sounds when he speaks, because we know the things he’s saying are worth hearing.

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You can make a huge difference, not only in their first years, but in all the ones to follow. If you’re ready to seek help for your child’s stuttering, give us a call today for more information on stuttering and other speech disorders. Let’s build a plan to help your child love his voice as much as you do, and work on making sure he can share it as effectively as possible. Schedule an evaluation today, call us at 828-670-8056.

We are here to help and make sure your little one reaches their full potential!

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