Rylee in the Upsee

Rylee in the Upsee

Little Rylee is a beautiful child, without question. You can see the potential in her bright, shining eyes—this is a child with much to show the world, and much to give. Her parents delight in her spirit every day, always seeking ways to help her reach that potential. You see, Rylee is a child with special needs. Her family and therapists work hard to help her adapt to the world, and to let her live as “normal” a life as possible.

Rylee has mobility challenges, and until recently, she was unable to take a walk at the park with her mother, something most parents and children are able to enjoy without giving it a second thought. The revolutionary Upsee changed that for Rylee.

One bright, sunny day, Rylee was fastened into a simple, sturdy harness that helps keep her body upright. Her feet were strapped into a pair of sandals attached to the harness, and her mother stepped into the adult-sized sandals attached to Rylee’s. And from there, the magic began. Rylee was now standing upright, supported by the harness strapped to her mother’s body. When her mother took a step, so did Rylee — and then another step, and another, and Rylee was walking around the park, holding tight to her mother’s hands.

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First steps are a milestone for any child, but the Upsee gives Rylee and other children with mobility issues a whole new reason to celebrate. They’re seeing the world from a new perspective. More importantly, they’re seeing themselves from a new perspective. Rylee’s parents report that since starting to use the Upsee, their daughter seems happier and more motivated to work toward the goals they know she can achieve. Along with the hard work and support of her family and her team of therapists, Rylee’s own motivation is helping her to move forward in life, one determined step at a time.

For more information about the Upsee and how it can enhance your child’s life, visit www.carolinapeds.com.

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