Jenna Tryke Video Update

Jenna Tryke Video Update

Jenna is a little girl with a mission: to get out and see the world, on her own terms. A bright, charming preschooler with rosy cheeks and a winning smile, Jenna has energy to burn and is ready to move. There was just one thing holding Jenna back: she is paralyzed from the waist down because of spina bifida.

You’ll note that we said her paralysis was holding her back. That’s no longer the case, thanks to the hard work and determination of her physical therapist and her parents — and most of all, her own irrepressible spirit.

After being fitted for special orthotics and braces that enabled Jenna to walk with the help of a walker, she was ready for more. Jenna wanted to ride a bike with her best friend. No longer confined to the floor or the arms of an adult to get around, this little girl was ready to ride. The problem? Insurance companies and Medicaid won’t cover the cost of an adaptive tricycle, because it’s considered purely recreational. Fortunately, Jenna’s physical therapist knew of a company called Ambucs, that provides adaptive tricycles to children with disabilities. The therapist, Sally McCoy, helped get the approval process started and before long, Jenna was hitting the bike trails at the park with her best friend, laughing and chattering away, owning the road in her little red helmet.

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While the insurance companies may argue, there is no doubt that this trike has been more than just a toy for Jenna. Her parents note increased strength in her upper body; Jenna not only steers the trike with her hands, but pedals it that way as well. Her confidence has increased, as have her stamina and endurance. And perhaps best of all, Jenna’s new trike allows her to enjoy the most important part of being a kid: just having fun.

Jenna Trike Video Update
-April Fox, Staff Writer

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