Gardening for Life: The Multiple Benefits of Teaching Your Child to Garden

Gardening for Life: The Multiple Benefits of Teaching Your Child to Garden

Spring is here! The bare and dull branches and withered plants are quickly turning into a multitude of colorful blooms. Once again you can look outside and everything is full of new life. It is the perfect time to create a garden with your child. After all, April is National Gardening Month for a reason. While designing and maintaining a garden can be a lot of work, the benefits, learning, and fun he will have are endless.

Gardening helps your child:

Use her imagination
Much like a blank canvas, an empty garden plot is full of possibilities for your child. Does she prefer colorful flowers, yummy veggies, or a mix of both? With some careful planning (and some guidance from you), her garden can be a perfect creation. Not only does she get to choose what she wants to fill her garden with, but she can help choose location and design, and can even add a few special garden ornaments to make it personal and all her own.

Learn about the environment
There is no better way to learn about nature and the environment, than to get some hands-on experience. Your child gets to experience plant life cycles and cause and effect first hand, all while having fun.

Explore his senses. Gardening is a sensory rich activity
The soil/dirt, seeds, and water provide a multitude of experiences with textures, while fragrant blooms can enrich his sense of smell.

Learn Responsibility
Tending to a garden can be a great lesson in responsibility for your child. Making sure it is properly cared for, such as being watered and weeded as necessary, can encourage independence and pride in accomplishments as well.

Build her gross and fine motor skills
Grasping the handle of a shovel or garden hoe, and pinching small seeds or bulbs all encourage positive fine motor skills. While, digging, kneeling, and walking gives her gross motor skills a workout.

It is a proven fact, that gardening can be very relaxing. It is generally a slow paced activity, that can help your child distress and “get away” for a bit after a hard day.

Learn important life skills
For most people, gardening is a hobby, but for some it can become a career. Landscape, horticulturist, botanist, and farmer are just a few careers your child could explore that involve plants and gardening. Even if he chooses another path, the responsibility, confidence, and patience learned while gardening can last a lifetime.

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Gardening for Life: The Multiple Benefits of Teaching Your Child to Garden
Shandy Marso, Contributor

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