Q's Race to the Top Board Game

Q's Race to the Top Board Game ($29.99 @ www.Amazon.com)
Rating- ***** out of 5
Age Range- 3 and up

The Company

EQtainment is an educational company that specializes in a wide range of products for children. The main focus of these products to help young children develop and grow their emotional intelligence, through fun and interactive play. The founder is a mother of three, Sofia Dickens, who has made it her goal to expand children’s social skills, communication, and decision making, through a wide range of products, from a board game, to a tv show, to a stuffed weighted monkey. The main character of EQtainment’s products is a young monkey named “Q”. “Q” often struggles with manners, emotions, and social skills. The main focus of the EQtainment line of products is to have children help identify and grow their emotional intelligence through helping “Q” deal with certain situations.

The Product

Q’s Race to the Top board game is an easy game for children as young as three years old. The concept is simple: Each player rolls the die and moves his “Q” monkey piece the corresponding number of spaces, as he races to the top of Q’s treehouse. The player will then choose a card that matches the colored spot he landed on. Each of the three colored cards has a different focus. Red “DO” cards include a movement or motion to be completed. These cards focus on physical movement that can help your child with gross motor, fine motor, and coordination skills. The green “Q” cards help your child practice social skills, maintaining a positive attitude, and managing emotions. The blue “YOU” cards present situations that allows your child to use his creative thinking skills and manners.

The Benefits

  • It teaches and encourages emotional intelligence such as social skills, creative thinking skills, and balance and coordination.
  • It encourages turn taking and patience.
  • It’s short and easy to play. The game’s concept is simple and can be played by children as young as three years old. The game moves quickly, which is great for young children with short attention spans.
  • It’s interactive. The colored cards provide opportunities for children to move and use their creative thinking skills.

Sources: www.eqtainment.com

Q’s Race to the Top Board Game
Shandy Marso, Contributor

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