What’s in the Bag?

What’s in the Bag?



  • Receptive Language Skills (understanding adjectives
  • Describing Objects (using adjectives)
  • Formulating Sentences

  • 5 paper bags
  • Marker to write numbers
  • Piece of paper
  • 5 toys/objects you want to use to describe (bouncy ball, play-doh, block
    piece, etc.)
    *If you don’t have these materials, you can also use these substitutes:
    - Any bag that you can’t see through
    - Sticky notes/tape to write numbers on if you are using regular bags

    1) First you will model how to describe each object with your child before you ask him to do it back to you or another person. (Talk about which adjectives describe it—see below for examples) Example: “Here is a bouncy ball. Let’s talk about what it looks like. It is red, round, and smooth.”

    2)Write down the adjectives for each object on the paper with the corresponding number that matches the bag.

    3) Once you have reviewed adjectives for all 5 objects, it is the child’s turn to look in each bag and describe them to you to so you can guess. (This will assess if he remembers the adjectives you modeled. You may use the paper to check/score the ones he remembered and review with him after).

    4) Lastly, have your child practice describing the 5 items again to older siblings or other adults and have them guess what is in the bag. Have fun!

    An adjective can tell:
  • COLOR (red, yellow, blue, brown, orange)
  • SIZE (little, big, tiny, huge, large, medium)
  • SHAPE (round, triangular, boxy, oval)
  • TEXTURE (smooth, rough, soft, bumpy, prickly)
  • TASTE (bitter, sour, tart, sweet)
  • NUMBER (few, many, a lot, fifty, several)
  • SOUND (loud, quiet, soft, faint)
  • Do 5 new objects each day or week to continue the fun and learning.
    Download Activity: What’s in the Bag?

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