How can parents help children get the most out of speech-language or feeding therapy?

There are many ways parents can help children get the most out of speech-language or feeding therapy. Being involved and present during sessions can greatly improve your relationship with your therapist and child. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions, inform the therapist on your concerns/thoughts, and have open discussions about what is working and not working so that the therapist can provide your child the best care possible. Sometimes being present is not

always possible with families schedules; communication via phone/email is a fast and efficient way of keeping an open conversation with your therapist, and keeping you updated on ways to help your child progress in therapy. Ask your child’s therapist how you can practice the skills learned in therapy within your everyday routines. This is the best way for your child to make fast progress!

While communication with your therapist is very important, It is also important to follow through with the recommendations of the therapist after the session. After all, the child spends most of their time with the parents, not the therapist. Although skills are taught in the therapy room, practice and progress occurs outside the therapy room within the child’s everyday routines! If you feel the recommendations to practice at home are not manageable/realistic, ask your therapist for other recommendations that are more feasible for your family! Your therapist will always be able to find ways to help your child within your schedule, and having a good relationship and foundation with your therapist will make that possible! This article shows other ways you can make the most of your child’s speech therapy.

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