What does Speech therapy look like for infants?

In many instances, infants attend speech therapy due to feeding concerns. In other instances, children born with disorders such as cerebral palsy may benefit from speech pathology by learning techniques on how to communicate. A certified speech-language pathologist (SLP) may work with a team including nutritionists, nurses, lactation consultants, physical therapists, and physicians. Speech pathology for feeding concerns can begin as early as birth, following an in-depth oral motor and swallowing evaluation. Infant speech pathology may include:

• Practice oral stimulation with infants who cannot yet bottle or breast feed.

• Utilize feeding interventions to help improve skills

• Individualized treatment plans

• Feeding and dysphagia therapy

• Parent and caregiver education.

• Feeding and dysphagia therapy

• Tube weening (for infants who are being fed through a tube)

• Specialized activities that help babies learn to bottle and/or breast feed

• Stimulation activities to promote the early development of speech

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