Families can be the greatest source of joy and security in our lives. Every family looks different and has their own strengths and quirks. Families can be a constant in our lives, the system and people that are always there for us. It is also normal and expected for families to change. New family members enter the family system with events such as marriage, adoption, and birth and members leave due to events such as death or divorce. At Carolina Peds, we strongly believe in respecting each family’s values and highlighting your family’s strengths. We hope that we can help you enjoy time with your family as it changes and grows.

Potential Challenges:

Raising a family is a daunting task. It can be both extremely rewarding and extremely challenging. When one person in the family is struggling, it can impact the entire family system. It is difficult enough to navigate the changes that your family experiences developmentally. There are many challenges and changes that families face that make parenting seem impossible. Some of these challenges may include divorce, job loss, changes in family structure, role changes, and sibling conflict. These big changes can cause the family to struggle with communication and healthy functioning. Other issues such as substance abuse, mental health issues, trauma and abuse, chronic illnesses, and financial issues can cause strife and upset in a family. Even differing parenting styles and discipline techniques can make it difficult to manage your child’s behaviors. Families function best when there are clear boundaries, expectations, and roles. However, it is hard to develop these important aspects when it seems that you are constantly putting out fires and are unable to address the underlying issues. Identifying these types of challenges is the first step towards helping your family succeed.

Signs They May Need Therapy:

If you find that your family is:

  • Arguing than usual
  • There is physical violence,
  • Having Extreme conflict
  • Needing help with parenting strategies
  • Needing assistance adjusting to change, such as a divorce
  • Experiencing grief
  • Has experienced a traumatic event

What Can Counseling Do?

Our therapist are trained in Solution Focused Therapy, a modality that is effective for families. They take a collaborative problem solving approach that can address family issues head-on. Our therapists are also trained in other well-research modalities such as Triple P, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and other evidence based treatments. At Carolina Pediatric Therapy, we strive to increase empathy for the challenges that families face. It is easy to get frustrated by the challenging behaviors your child is exhibiting. Our therapists can work with your family to increase understanding and apply interventions to relieve the stress of challenging behaviors. If your family has experienced the loss of a loved one, our therapist can provide your child with tools to cope with grief and unwanted emotions. At Carolina Pediatric Therapy we want all families to feel heard and to receive the support necessary to overcome their challenges.

What Happens When You Start Working With Carolina Peds?

Our community of staff and therapists become invested with you.
Our behavioral health therapists work collaboratively with you to provide the best care possible for your child(ren). Our therapist focus are person-centered and focus on building a trusting and positive relationship with your child and your family. Our therapists are solution-focused and will assist your family in deciding and working towards goals based on your child and family’s needs. Our therapists collaborate with each other and work as a team to ensure the best care possible. Our therapists believe in using evidenced based practices, techniques that are proven to work for families through scientific research.
We provide your child and family with caring and effective mental health treatment.
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A behavioral health emergency is an immediate/imminent threat of harm to ones self or others which would likely result in 911 being contacted, mobile crisis, and/or having the client evaluated at the nearest emergency room.
If this is a Medical Emergency, dial 911 immediately.