Create a space your child LOVES!

Create a space your child LOVES!

Create a space your child LOVES!

Do you find yourself wanting to mix it up in your kid’s room? I know my husband has to get tired of me asking him to “move this” or  “move that”. I get bored keeping things the exact same way. A child’s bedroom is a place where they can explore and feel comfortable, creative and secure. Remodels don’t have to empty out your bank account – you as a parents can do a lot of things on your own. Here are a few ways to add new touches to your child’s bedroom:

Create a Reading Corner

This could be as simple as placing an extra large pillow in a corner and hanging a small shelf on the wall to house their favorite books. It doesn’t have to stop there; you can hang a sheer “tent” (or teepee for a little boy) from the ceiling, place the pillow inside and have a floor shelf cornering them in. This allows them to escape and focus on their reading in a secure area.

Art Wall

Children tend to light up when they create a piece of art – whether it is a coloring sheet, painting, sculpture etc. Find a wall space in their room that’s open. Purchase chalkboard paint (or white board) and turn that blank space into an art wall. Art allows a child to release creativity from their minds to their reality. When my son seems overwhelmed or “busy body” I grab the paint and paper and it almost instantly calms him down – it’s an outlet.

Closet Bed

Sounds odd to a parent – but a total winner to your child. Think “out of the closet” with your child’s clothing by storing them in a chest of drawers or armoire in their room. Remove the doors from the closet (you can place a rod at the top to hang a curtain or leave may choose to leave open) There are multiple options for bedding – bunk beds, high bed (leaving the space below free for a “hide out” or desk area), single bed etc. Let your child create their own space. This opens up their bedroom and you may could fit in “that play room” you’ve always wanted to have for them.

Toy Organizer

Having an organized room makes everyone sleep better. There are many creative ways to store toys besides the traditional toy box. You can use a shelf with baskets, redo their closet space, use cubby’s or totes. Keeping the room clutter free will allow your child to maximize their space.

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Maps are one of my son’s new favorite things to play with. He loves the sense of “adventure” holding one brings. Find a blank wall in their room and have a map blown up to cover most of the wall. With sticky notes, push pins etc your child could make a note of each place they travel – listing their favorite activity or event they attended or their favorite food. They could even post their favorite picture from the trip near the location they traveled.

New Bedding and Paint

Growing up, I can remember going from “theme to theme” in my room. How exciting it was to see my dad painting my walls hot pink with a “flower power” bedding set. It was an out, a way I could express myself. This doesn’t have to take place yearly because that gets expensive. As your child transitions through different ages and stages, they most likely want to “change” something – why not direct them to their room? It could be as simple as purchasing a new comforter and pillows OR as in depth as fresh paint, lamps, pictures and bedding. A fresh new look to a bedroom is also a great idea for a birthday present (you can get grandparents, aunts and uncles in on the “new-do” as well).

Talk with your child about their room and see what interests them. The first thing is keeping an organized space – that eliminates chaos. Once you have sorted through all his/her belongings, brainstorm together to see which scenario fits their personality and interests best.

A room is more than four walls – Create a space your child LOVES!
Jessica Fox, Contributor

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