5 Indoor Activities That Promote Gross Motor Skills

5 Indoor Activities That Promote Gross Motor Skills

Five activities that are simple, fun, and guaranteed to get him moving.

  1. Create an obstacle course. You can incorporate a lot of different types of movement in your course. Crawling, jumping, and walking backwards are just a few movements you can include. Use your child’s toys as obstacles, and include any inside items, such as a swing or tunnel, as part of course. Obstacle courses also have the added benefit of enforcing the skill of following multi-step directions. Another great thing is that the options for your course are endless as your imagination, leading to hours of physical play.
  2. Follow the leader. If you have a specific gross motor skill that your child needs to work on, this is a great option. Variations of this game include, “Mother, May I?” and “Simon Says”. Make sure to take turns and let her be the leader as well. These games also help with, listening and following directions.
  3. Have a dance party. Turn it up and let loose. This “no rules” game is fun and uses lots of energy and promotes self expression. Be prepared to laugh and be silly. Mix up the type and tempo of music to add variety and encourage different types of movement.
  4. Build a fort. A rainy day favorite for generations, forts help encourage imaginative play as well as fine and gross motor skills. Use pillows, blankets, and furniture to create the perfect hideout. Follow your child’s lead, and try to let him do as much of the “heavy” work himself.
  5. Create art. A roll of butchers paper is a must have for any home. Roll out a huge piece of paper on the floor and let your child create a huge work of art. Instead of just using her fingers to paint, let her use other body parts, such as feet, elbows, and knees to create her masterpiece.

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