Draw Free for iPad

Draw Free for iPad

Drawing and creating visual art is the cornerstone of almost any childhood. It is a form of expression that we marvel in from toddlerhood and beyond. For a child on the Autism Spectrum, it can be so much more. For children with Autism and other communication disorders, it can be very upsetting and frustrating to be unable to communicate effectively.

When communication is a hardship, art can help bridge the gap between what the child feels, and how they express it.

Draw Free is a simple, easy to use app that allows it’s user to create drawings with a multitude of artistic tools.

Draw Free for iPad (free on iTunes)
Age Range: All Ages – Rating: **** (out of 5)

Artistic Tool Variety

From a paintbrush, for thicker, bolder lines, to the pencil, for precise, thin lines, a child can express himself in a variety of colors (though strangely missing the color brown) and forms.

Easy Corrections

The eraser provides an easy mistake remover for that stray mark or change of heart.

Creative Flexibility

Perhaps one of the best features is the sticker and background option. The sticker option allows for placement of brightly colored “stickers” throughout the picture. The stickers vary from cars and trains, to animals and seasonal pictures. The background option can be the most fun. A child may choose from pre-loaded backgrounds varying from seasonal, theme, color and style. There is also the option for a photo library background. What child doesn’t want to draw funny glasses on a picture of their mom, or a dorky hat on their brother?


All drawings may be saved and edited, as well as, sent via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

I am a mom of a little boy newly diagnosed with Autism. Even before my son was diagnosed with autism and sensory processing disorder, I noticed an aversion to certain “messy hand” activities. He loved to splash in puddles. Dirt and other grime didn’t bother him, as long as it wasn’t on his hands. He loved the idea of finger paint, but he hated the paint on his fingers.

Sensory processing disorder is common in children with autism. These children are commonly ultra sensitive to their environment. Children with autism often respond well to visual and hands on activities. The Draw Free app is great for children on the Autism spectrum, because it allows children to use it as a form of expression and communication without the “messiness” that many are reluctant to engage. It allows children the ability to use their fingers and draw, write, and express their feelings. It is finger painting without the paint.

This app is a fun tool that encourages communication and helps build a bridge between the child and his communicative partner. Draw Free provides visual and hands-on stimulation and allows the child to be creative and self-expressive, building communication and self-esteem.

This app provides a broad range of uses. From a child drawing brightly colored scribbles to express their frustration, to drawing a picture to help express the way they are feeling or what they are trying to communicate, to using this app as a way to practice school skills with their teacher or parent… the possibilities are as endless as the imagination.

App Review: Draw Free for iPad
~ Shandy Marso

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