Camp Crayon

Camp Crayon

Schools don’t seem to hand out grades for penmanship often anymore, and with all the advances in technology available to children, it may look like handwriting is a lost art. Being able to write legibly is still important, though, and this is a skill that many kids struggle with. Your child probably spends some time in class working on handwriting skills, but today’s teachers have so much to cover in such a short time that kids often need extra help outside of school. If your child might benefit from handwriting therapy, consider our Camp Crayon.

What is Camp Crayon?

Camp Crayon is a series of week-long half-day camps for kids from pre-K age and up. Each week-long session focuses on a different skill level, from beginning writers to those who are ready to tackle cursive or need a refresher. Camp Crayon combines handwriting therapy with fun summer camp activities to allow your child to build skills while enjoying an exciting camp experience. Did we mention it’s held in an ice cream shop? What could be more fun? For more information or to request a registration form, click here.

Why Does Handwriting Matter?

You might wonder why handwriting is important these days. Kids have computers, tablets, touchscreen devices, debit cards; why would they ever need to learn to write longhand? Aside from the practical applications for handwriting (addressing envelopes, filling out forms, writing sweet love notes), handwriting incorporates several other skills. Holding and manipulating a pencil properly also helps your child control his silverware so that self-feeding is easier. Using writing utensils helps develop fine motor skills, so she’ll have an easier time with all of the inevitable craft projects that are so abundant in childhood. Visually tracking what she’s writing will make reading easier. And perhaps most important, handwriting therapy gives your child another way of easily expressing herself, and being understood is an essential part of feeling happy and content.

How Does it Work?

At Camp Crayon, therapists will work with your child to develop a handwriting therapy program that combines fun and function. We promise, your child won’t be sitting in one place copying letters all day. We’ll be doing a variety of age- and skill-appropriate activities that will help improve fine motor and other skills necessary for good handwriting. Our handwriting therapy uses the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, proven to help make handwriting easy and fun for kids. We recognize the holistic value of therapies, and will be integrating things such as music and gross motor activities to ensure that each day is filled with fun, laughter, and the hope of a brighter future. Nothing shines brighter than the face of a child who feels successful, and you’ll see the pride written in your child’s eyes as he masters this skill.

Register for Camp Crayon today by clicking here.

Camp Crayon
-April Fox, Staff Writer

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