How to Reclaim the Space in Your Home

How to Reclaim the Space in Your Home

Winter is definitely a long season in our home. As a stay home mother, there’s only so much you can do indoors – only so many “caves” you can build – and only so many episodes of Barney you can handle.  Let’s be honest, during the winter months things seem to get cluttered and piled up. You’re bombarded by the new gadgets you received from Christmas (and we all know our kids cannot part from the packaging or boxes they came in – more than the actual gift). Most likely your “junk drawer” has become two or three – maybe four drawers. The laundry room becomes a disaster with the whirlwind of clothing used up for snow days and cold weather so sometimes you quote Pooh’s favorite line “why bother”

There is a reason to bother it – because at the end of the day, it bothers YOU.

De-cluttering your home can be overwhelming and a lot of people steer clear of it because yes, it’s intimidating. Some people may even have a difficult time saying farewell to this, that or the other. I’m going to list a few simple steps on how to reclaim the space in your home – after all, you own your home – not the other way around.


I tend to start in my kitchen because it seems to be where the most “traffic” comes through.

The key is, working from the top, down. I start in my upper cabinets, then countertop, followed by drawers and lower cabinets.

Pull out all of your dishes, Tupperware, baking ware – anything that’s stashed into them – and put it all out on your countertops and island. You will realize how “out of place” many of the items were. Take a moment and make a visional plan of where you want each item and it’s mate to go.  (Plates in this spot, bowls in this spot etc)

*I typically do a “deep clean” of the emptied out drawers and cabinets. I also wash the silverware organizers (it’s crazy how messy those things can get) I also clean our refrigerator and microwave as well.

After you re-organize and put away platters, plates and bake ware, remove all items from your countertops and do a wipe down as well as washing canisters, coffee pot etc. If you’re like my family, we have “one” little spot in our kitchen for mail and that can become a mountain of junk mail – go through and throw away any junk.

Sweep, polish cabinets and mop and there you have it – A super clean and de-cluttered workspace where you can cook at peace.

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Make a pile with the rugs, hand-towels, and decorative towels (because we all know guests probably use them J ) to wash.

Follow the same plan as you did with the kitchen, pulling everything out, reorganizing as well as creating a “trash pile”

Wash shower/tub, toilet, counter, walls and sink.

Polish cabinets, sweep and mop – so fresh and so clean.

Living Room or Family Room

A lot happens in this space! My children love to drag cars, blocks, underwear, spoons um, anything they can into this room.

First things first, clear off a sofa and make a pile of all the things that do not belong in this room then make piles of where they do go (this is a great way to get your children involved)

I have a large basket for books, a small tote for “living room toys” and a shelf for two larger toys I allow in the living room. Decide what items you want left in this area and create a space for them.

Drawers in our living room tend to pile up as well. Don’t be afraid to throw away old “newspapers” etc. If you must keep them, purchase a tote or box, label and put in storage.

Make a pile of any blankets or throws in your living room and wash them. Dust, polish furniture and vacuum.


I save the best for last – and everyone sighs.

Bedrooms are the space you rest, relax and spend time with loved ones. You shouldn’t be “haunted” by the piles created by everyday living. Bedrooms can be done over a series of days. For example, you may want to focus on closets first, then drawers, followed by jewelry boxes etc.

Closets – yes I’m going to say it, take EVERYTHING out. Wipe down the walls and vacuum the floors. Again, create a visual plan of where you want things to go. My husband and I have a walk in closet and I have one side and he has the other (confession, I take MUCH more space than he’s allowed to in the closet) To keep things clutter free, I have utility totes for my handbags. I also have a large tote to our “off season clothing” Having handbags and off season clothing out of the way saves SO much space. Organize your clothing by color to make it simple when putting outfits together. (I know my husband appreciates that)

Drawers – again, empty it all out. Choose drawers to be homes to socks, undergarments, t-shirts, active wear etc. To keep them organized follow the old saying your grandma always said “put your things back where they belong”

Nightstands – does anyone else cringe when they hear that word? Journals, medications, tissues and letters from your high school friends may be hidden in there. Make a space for everything you need and what’s not needed – Let it go.

Jewelry – I have a standing jewelry box with two sides that pull out for necklaces and 5 drawers but yet I still have it laying everywhere! Those earrings your ex-boyfriend gave you for your first Valentine’s day together can find a home in the trash – of course if they aren’t real diamonds. Again, don’t be afraid to part from pieces that you no longer wear or find fashionable. (Re-gifting jewelry can be great for that last minute gift)

Dust room (ceiling fans, blinds furniture etc), clean mirrors, polish furniture, vacuum and make a pile of bedding, blankets rugs to wash.

Toys (for kid’s bedrooms)- Those little tikes can be quite the pack rats! Have them make piles of toys (figurines, cars, dolls, play-doh etc) and group them. I purchased a three drawer organizing set at Walmart and the top drawer is figurines, middle is cars/trucks, bottom is play set pieces. Do you think they stay that way? No. But it’s the thought that counts right moms? Have them take their unwanted toys (if usable) and donate or offer to the neighbor. Who knows maybe you could arrange a “toy swap” with some friends their age.

There is freedom in de-cluttering your home. It feels refreshing to walk into a room knowing where everything’s at. Things get “out of order” and messy, especially if you have children BUT you don’t have to accept that as a way of life. A little a day is all it takes to keep the clutter away.

How to Reclaim the Space in Your Home
Jessica Fox, Contributor

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