The Land of Lost Toys

The Land of Lost Toys

Book Reviewed - The Land of Lost Toys by Morgan Blanton; Illustrated by Mary Cornwell. ($6.99 on
Rating- ****(out of five)

If you are a parent, you have undoubtedly dealt with a few instances where your child has chosen to be less than gentle or kind to their toys. Throwing their toys when they are mad or upset, playing too rough and constantly breaking or losing pieces. It is all an unfortunate part of childhood. Learning to be appreciative of what you have and treat your belongings with respect and gentle hands, and learning the importance of being able to control your temper, can be hard lessons to teach and for children to learn. Luckily, a book like The Land of Lost Toys is here to help start the conversation.

The Land of Lost Toys by Morgan Blanton, is a wonderfully told story of a little boy named Jack, who is often rough and mean with his toys, especially when he is throwing a temper tantrum. One day after, yet another, temper tantrum resulting in a thrown toy, he discovers the “land of lost toys”, a magical portal, where all the toys he has mistreated have gone. The toys teach Jack about being kind to his belongings and the importance of controlling his temper. In the end, he learns the error of his ways, and all of his old toys follow him home.

Blanton knows with a little imagination and creativity any subject or topic is possible to make interesting and fun. The Land of Lost Toys, takes a common problem, adds a little childhood wonder mixed with a dose of adventure, and creates a fun teaching/learning experience. All while being kid-friendly, relatable, and (bonus) told in rhyme.

This story gives you, as a parent, the opportunity to talk to your child about attitude, temper, and respect for people and objects. The Land of Lost Toys would be a great addition to any family or classroom library.

The Land of Lost Toys
Shandy Marso, Contributor

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