How can a Physical Therapist help my child with wellness or athletic goals?

It’s vital for children to get regular exercise to improve motor development skills and acquire appropriate strength. 

Many children participate in sports or physical activities like dance, baseball, gymnastics, or football. With increased opportunities for year-round sports, parents may find themselves caring for an abundance of aches and pains with their young athletes. Which of these injuries can be treated safely at home, and which would benefit from therapy services?

When To Consult With A Physical Therapist

Not every ache needs a professional, but there are several common signs that could indicate the need for a visit to your physical therapist. 

Consider pediatric physical therapy if:

  • Your child is injured frequently.
  • Your child’s pain is consistent or increasing in intensity.
  • Your child is having difficulty keeping up with peers.
  • Your child is recovering from a previous injury.
  • You want to reduce the risk of future injuries.

What Do Physical Therapists Evaluate?

Physical therapists evaluate the quality of movement, strength, flexibility, and coordination. This helps them determine whether or not there are any motor or cognitive development hurdles that need to be addressed.

For young athletes, this includes assessing how they perform skills specific to their sport. For example, a physical therapist evaluating a young baseball player might observe how they run and use their hands and fingers to throw and hit a ball.

Physical therapists also measure the development of appropriate motor skills according to the age of the child. Motor milestones are building blocks that help with the development of higher-level skills. For example, if your child has difficulty jumping on one leg, this could inhibit their ability to skip or gallop along with their classmates.

In addition, strength and flexibility are important components to maintaining healthy tissues. Strength imbalances and mobility deficits can lead to injury. 

After the evaluation, physical therapists develop a treatment plan based on the problems that were discovered. Home programs will be tailored to each child’s specific needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Pediatric Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is important for reducing pain but can also benefit children and teens who have trouble keeping up with their peers in the gym or on the field. By understanding their challenges and applying effective pediatric physical therapy exercises, the child can overcome any hurdles on their path to healthy motor development.

In addition, physical therapy can help with the prevention of future injuries. This can include teaching families and children how to appropriately warm-up or cool down from exercise, strengthen weak muscles, and apply strategies to reduce pain when it occurs.

Where Can I Find a Physical Therapy Clinic Near Me?

Carolina Peds Physical Therapy has convenient locations all around North Carolina. If you or a loved one is in need of Physical therapy, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment.

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