Why would my child need a physical therapist?

Some parents or families may be hesitant or resistant to the idea of taking their children to a pediatric physical therapist. Those who are hesitant might not fully understand the many benefits of physical therapy for children of all ages and situations. To bring some clarity, in this article, we will discuss why and which children benefit the most from physical therapy, then, we will share the benefits of physical therapy for your children. 

Common Reasons Why Parents Choose to Take Their Kids to Physical Therapy

There are a variety of reasons why a child may need a physical therapist. 

One of the most common reasons we see children is because they have a developmental delay. This means that they are not able to perform an activity that is expected for their age. Examples include crawling on hands and knees at 9 months and walking at 12 months of age. Other higher level gross motor skills that may be delayed include running, jumping, and skipping.

Children need physical therapists when they have a congenital condition or disorder that makes it difficult for them to move their body. Children born with a neurological condition often experience increased muscle tone, which causes stiffness in their limbs, pain, and difficulty controlling their movement patterns.

Other children who may benefit from physical therapy were not necessarily born with a condition or disorder at all. A traumatic incident such as a fracture or ankle sprain may warrant physical therapy to help them make a quick recovery.

So, What Can Pediatric Physical Therapy do to Help?

Depending on your child’s unique situation, a pediatric physical therapist can assist them in personally-tailored ways to help them reach their goals.

  • For children with developmental delays, pediatric physical therapists can help them to develop their gross and fine motor skills through therapeutic activities.
  • Children with congenital disorders can be assisted through positioning strategies, range of motion to prevent muscle contractures, and general strengthening to maximize a child’s mobility.
  • Children who have suffered severe injury can be assisted by a pediatric therapist that knows how to effectively engage children in targeted strengthening and range of motion activities in order to help them return to their pre-injury function.

Pediatric physical therapists can also help prescribe and order adaptive equipment for your child, such as walkers and wheelchairs. A physical therapist is required to submit a letter to insurance in order to justify the need for this equipment.

It’s also important to understand that there are multiple different types of physical therapy.

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