My child has a severe physical disability. How can a physical therapist help?

Yes! Children and families with severe physical disabilities can benefit from the knowledge and resources that physical therapists can provide to help assist with mobility and participation in the home and community. Physical therapists can also make suggestions and recommendations that can potentially improve how your child moves, communicates, and plays.

Here are a few areas that we can help:

-Recommendations for seating and equipment (adaptive equipment and assistive technology) that can be used in the home to support the head, arms, spine, hips, and legs to allow for participation in family activities.

-Recommendations for car seats to support the head and body safely.

-Education and training for proper positioning and body alignment in the home

-Education and training for proper movement and mobility at the joints and muscles.

-Recommendations and training with potential equipment options to help with head, trunk, and pelvis control in laying, sitting, standing, and walking positions.

Want to know how a Physical Therapist can Help?

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