What is assistive or adaptive equipment, what are the types, and how can it help my child?

Assistive or adaptive equipment is any device that provides assistance to improve or maintain physical function in order to increase a child’s ability to participate in their environment. These devices can help a child complete activities such as eating, bathing, toileting, and dressing. They can also help a child physically keep up with peers or increase a child’s ability to participate in the community. These devices may be rented if the need is short term (ex. after a surgery) or purchased if the need is long term. Many items are covered through Medicaid and private insurance. Examples include:

- Wheelchairs

- Canes - Crutches

- Walkers

- Gait trainers

- Activity chairs

- Standers

- Hospital/safety beds

- Bath/shower chairs

- Toilet seats - Lifts

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