How does a behavioral health therapist help children and families?

At Carolina Pediatric Therapy our mission is to serve children and their families to improve quality of life and increase the potential for success. Behavioral health therapy aims to help families achieve emotional and behavioral wellness. A behavioral health therapist is a qualified professional with Master’s level education or higher in social work, mental health counseling, or marriage and family counseling and professional licensure in their field.

Getting Started

When you begin services with one of our Behavioral Health Therapists, you will first sit for an in-depth assessment of your child’s needs and areas for growth. Your therapist will begin building a relationship with you and your child as they help you identify needs and goals for change. This is your opportunity to tell your therapist as much about your child and their needs as you can. This is an integral step in creating a personalized plan of care for your child and your family. Once services have begun, your therapist will start working with you and your child to accomplish your agreed upon treatment goals. Typically, you will meet with your therapist once weekly, but frequency of sessions can vary depending on your treatment needs.

What to Expect from Therapy

A behavioral health therapist can help in various areas of life, from home, to school, to interpersonal relationships. Your therapist can help your child build skills to manage his or her behaviors and emotions, empower your child to communicate their needs and feelings openly, and encourage confidence in their ability to be in control of their success. A behavioral health therapist can also help families improve communication together, aid parents in better understanding their child’s needs and teach parents skills to maintain and reinforce positive behaviors and treatment goals in the home daily. It is important to remember that a behavioral health therapist is here to support you and your family in your chosen goals through evidenced based skills and techniques.

Behavioral Health Therapy and You

The bottom line is, behavioral health therapy looks different for each family. A behavioral health therapist can help you identify ways to achieve success in ways that matter most to you. Your therapist can and should be a source of support to aid your child in building necessary skills to be in control of their behaviors and emotions and to empower you to feel confident in your own abilities and strengths as parents and as a family. Families should leave therapy with an increased sense of independence and control over their own success.

Want to know how a Behavioral Health Therapist can Help?

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