What does a psychologist do? How can they help children?

There are various types of psychology in which an individual may focus, and one area is the clinical practice of psychology. Within the arena of psychologists who are providing clinical services, there are also different levels of psychologists.

Licensed Psychological Associates

Those who have graduated from a master’s program and obtained their license to practice in the state in which they reside are called Licensed Psychological Associates. These individuals have completed a masters program, had experience to practice skills under the supervision of a licensed supervisor while completing their graduate program, and had to complete exams in order to obtain their licensed to provide clinical services. Licensed Psychological Associates may practice and provide clinical services under the supervision of a Licensed Psychologist.

Licensed Psychologists

Licensed psychologists have obtained a doctoral degree in the field of psychology, attended a clinical internship as well as a clinical fellowship in the area of their interest. Similar to Licensed Psychological Associates, Licensed Psychologists have to pass licensing exams in the state in which they plan to practice in order to be provided a license.

Services provided by Psychologists

Both Licensed Psychological Associates and Licensed Psychologists can provide a variety of clinical services, including therapy services, and psychological testing. These services can benefit individuals in better understanding their strengths, areas of weakness, and develop skills to better navigate life and problem solve challenges. Some psychologists who specialize in working with children can provide a variety of evidenced based therapies at either an individual level or a family level when appropriate in order to support healthy development of social or emotional skills, alleviate mental health challenges, and improve well-being. Other psychologists who specialize in working with children may offer psychological testing in order to answer diagnostic questions or provide input related to an individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

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