What are the benefits of feeding/swallowing-Therapy?

There are many benefits of feeding and swallowing therapy! Therapy can make the muscles of the mouth stronger, help improve movements of the tongue and chewing, and can also help the child try new foods and drinks! Therapy can help the child progress to using more developmentally appropriate utensils, such as transitioning from a bottle to cup drinking or going from finger foods to using a spoon. An SLP can help change food textures and liquid thickness to improve safety of swallows, and determine when to upgrade to a less restrictive diet. Therapy can also help your child behave during mealtimes and help with sensory issues during feeding. Therapy can help your child consume a more balanced diet, while also making sure they are consuming foods and liquids safely and efficiently. https://www.asha.org/public/speech/swallowing/feeding-and-swallowing-disorders-in-children/

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