What is the risk of waiting to seek help from a Physical Therapist? Won’t my child just “grow out of it?”

The risk of your child not being seen by a physical therapist when there is a concern depends on the concern that you have. The risks can include: pain developing later on in life, your child compensating for weakness or joint laxity which could limit them later on in life, or them not being able to participate in the activities that they want to participate in.

Here are a couple of examples: If your child has a gross motor delay, for example, your child is not yet walking when their peers are. You may feel as though your child will “grow out of the delay.” The benefits of physical therapy is that it: decreases frustration for the child and family when provided with techniques to practice at home, the physical therapist can determine if the delay is stemming from weakness, laxity or another cause. Sometimes when your child has laxity they may be compensating in their movement patterns which can limit them later on in life, this can be identified by a physical therapist.

If your child is walking differently than other children and they are tripping or falling more, this can cause issues for them later on in life. Sometimes when a child walks with toes facing inward or outward or walks on their toes, this may be due to muscle tightness or weakness, which can progress to affecting other areas of their body, such as their knees, hips or back. Typically the longer a child demonstrates walking in a certain way, the longer it will take to correct this positioning, due to muscle tightness that develops, this is why it is important to be seen early on when a concern arises.

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