When should my child be meeting certain developmental milestones?

2-3 year old

Play skills/Social: Follows simple instructions, excited to see other children, show more independence and preference of activity Fine Motor/: builds 6-8 blocks , snips edge of paper with scissors , imitates horizontal line, vertical line and circle Self Care: Participate in dressing/undressing, unbuttons 1 large button, Pulls down elastic pants

3-4 year old

Play skills/Social: Engages in imaginative play, shows a wide range of emotions, imitates peers and family Visual Motor Fine Motor/visual motor:builds 8-10 block tower, holds pencil with thumb and fingers, grossly colors attempting to stay in lines , draws a circle, imitates 4 block design Self Care: Dresses/undress self with minimal help, puts on and takes off shoes with minimal help, buttons large buttons , uses fork and spoon with minimal spillage, unzips zipper

4-5 year old

Play skills/Social: shows more interest in playing with other children, engages in simple board games, expresses more interest in others and their emotions Fine Motor/Visual Motor: Strings 4 beads or more, colors more inside the lines, imitates square and triangle, draws diagonal line, Cuts out circle Self Care: Joins two sides of zipper and pulls up, independent in dressing, puts on shoes (may be on the wrong feet)

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