Decorating Holiday Cookies

Decorating Holiday Cookies

Recommended Age: All Ages

Cooking and baking is a huge part of the holiday season. Making and decorating cookies is fun for all ages, and can give your child’s fine motor skills a good workout. Of course, there is always the reward of a yummy decorated cookie when you are all through as well.


  • Cookies- these can be store bought or made, whichever is easiest for you. For a simple sugar cookie recipe:
  • Cookie cutters- in fun and festive shapes like a tree, bell, snowflake, etc.
  • Icing- several different colors.
  • Edible decorative items- sprinkles, candy, edible glitter, beads or markers.


  • Follow the direction on how to make the cookie, then use cookie cutters to create fun shapes.
  • Bake and let them completely cool off.
  • Decorate each cookie using icing, sprinkles, and any other edible supplies.
  • Enjoy!

Variations, Tips, and Suggestions

Sugar cookies are easy to make, and bake fairly flat and smooth, which may make them easier to decorate. However, any type of cookie or bar will do. The main goal of this activity is to work on fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and stretch those creative muscles, all while being fun and interactive. Mix it up and make several different batches and don’t worry about having too many cookies. They make great gifts and care packages.

Your Child’s Involvement and Benefits

If you are making cookies, then let your child be as active as possible. Even young children can help mixing ingredients. Obviously, steps such as putting and taking out of the oven are ADULT steps. Measuring and mixing ingredients is a great math enforcer, even if your child doesn’t fully understand measurement, it can be a great way to introduce the subject and help lay a good foundation.

When it comes to decorating the cookies, let your child take full control. Let them be creative, no matter how creative. If he wants ever cookie to look alike by creating a routine, that is fine too. Encourage his creativity and make wonderful memories with him.

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Decorating Holiday Cookies
Shandy Marso, Contributor

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