Painted Handprint Turkey Craft

Painted Handprint Turkey Craft

Recommended Age – All Ages

Turkeys and being thankful, are the main themes of November. Creating a craft, with your child, that incorporates both themes, and is sensory friendly, is a wonderful idea. This adorable painted handprint turkey, is easy and festive.


  • Paperwhite paper works best, by allowing less contrast between paper and the paint.
  • Finger paint brown, orange, red, yellow, and green are ideal fall/Thanksgiving colors.
  • Paint brush
  • Google eye
  • Markers
  • Glue


  • Paint your child’s hand as follows: Palm and thumb brown, each additional finger a different color. One red, one green, one orange, and one yellow.
  • Have her place her and on the white paper and push gently to create a handprint.
  • Allow to dry 5-10 minutes. To speed up drying, you can use a hair dryer.
  • The thumb is the turkeys head, so have her glue the google eye and draw a beak and the wattle (red thing that hangs down the turkey’s neck) with markers. She can also draw the turkey some legs if desired.
  • On each of the feathers have her write one thing she is thankful for. You may provide guidance or suggestions, but try to let her come up with them on her own.

Variations, Tips, and Additions

If your child has a sensory avoidance, he may not like paint on his hands. If this is the case you can trace and cut his handprint out on brown construction paper, then can cut out feathers from different color construction paper and glue them on the turkey. Cutting paper is a great way to exercise those fine motor skills.

These adorable little turkeys are perfect for the front of a homemade Thanksgiving card that he can send out to family and friends. He can also practice his handwriting, or practice his letter recognition and reading skills.  

Your Child’s Involvement and Benefits

It will depend on your child’s age and skills, as to how much she can do on her own. Though, your guidance and help may be needed, try to let her do as much as possible to get the greatest sensory and fine motor experience.

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Painted Handprint Turkey Craft
Shandy Marso, Contributor

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